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Image Hosting Service and How to implement MVC-ish architecture in Cloudflare Workers

in this post, I will try to explain my own interpretation of MVC architecture and how I implement it in my Cloudflare Workers project. I’ll be using my Image Hosting Service project as an example. This project will be fully hosted on Cloudflare Workers and Cloudflare R2. No static hosting is used. But Why? NodeJS is my go-to stack when developing websites; I typically use React for the front-end and Express for the back-end REST API.


My URL Shortener ( Project Writeup

This project idea came up when I needed something cool to display on my Discord profile that was simple enough to make. I think an URL shortener would look cool to display on my profile. Then, as I work on it, I read one of Cloudflare’s official tutorial projects using Cloudflare Workers and decides to then a QR Code generator feature in the process. Overview This project is a URL shortener with a QR Code generator feature.

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